My First Sew Together Bag-the first of many

I recently stumbled upon the Sew Together Bag on Instagram , that was the end of me.  I had to make this thing!  There is just something about the multiple zips and pockets that speaks to my organised self, also it doesn’t help that I am a bag lady!! I can never have too many.


For those of you who are completely confused at this point, this is the Sew Together Bag, cool hey?


The pattern was designed by Michelle from Sew Demented (one clever lady right there!)  I bought the pattern on Craftsy for about $15, that was $15 well spent.  A lot of the time I get a bit ahead of myself and think that I can recreate something without a pattern…I would have failed dismally if I had tried that this time.  I do of course now have plans to use the general idea and style of the inner zip pockets to make a larger taller version of the bag, I might regret saying that!

I was pleasantly surprised when I began sewing.  This was not going to be nearly as difficult or complicated as it looked, big relief right there!  I found a fabulous step by step tutorial , by The Quilt Barn which made it even easier again, I think most of us find it much easier to follow photos rather than try to decipher written instructions 🙂

The first zip worked first time, I was so pleased as I couldn’t find my zipper foot so I had to use a normal foot.  (It has been many years since I have sewn anything with a zip.)

3 zips done.  I think the interfacing I used was a little too thick, it does give the bag a very sturdy shape which I like but it did make sewing through all the layers in the next steps a bit difficult, I broke !5! needles, my machine was not a happy camper!



All ready to bind…by hand…my least favourite part.  I am still nursing a needle stick injury on my thumb from the binding.


The Sew Together Bag was originally designed to carry sewing bits and pieces but I am thinking this might be a makeup or jewellery case for me.








Personalised Bunting Tutorial

A friend recently asked me to make a personalised bunting for her little sons nursery. Once upon a time I sold these at various local markets, she had bought one then for her daughter. I enjoyed making it, a bit of a flash back to the past 😉 and the perfect opportunity I thought, to share the process with you.

First you want to make a template.  I wanted my finished bunting to be 20cm high by 17cm wide so I drew the triangle at the finished size and then added 1cm all around for seam allowance.


Next cut out your pieces.  You want two pieces for each flag.  Don’t be lazy like me, iron your fabric before you cut out, it makes the cutting soooo much easier 😉

IMG_1002   IMG_1003

You also want to cut the fabric for the letters.  I find cutting all the pieces the same size and then cutting the letters from the rectangles helps keep the letters all the same size.  When you have your letter pieces cut out you want to draw and cut out the letters.  For symmetrical letters fold the fabric in half so that you are cutting both sides of the letter at the same time.

IMG_1005   IMG_1006

Now you need to iron double sided interfacing onto the backs of the letters.  You can cut out the interfacing for each letter but I just lay the letters on and then place a piece of scrap fabric over the top to pick up the glue that isn’t needed.  Iron and allow to cool as per the interfacing instructions and the peel the letters away.

IMG_1008  IMG_1009 IMG_1011

Position the letters on the flags and iron them into place.

IMG_1013   IMG_1012


Now using a very close zigzag, sew around each of the letters, or you could hand stitch if you have more patience than me.

IMG_1014   IMG_1015

Now place the fronts and backs of the flags, right sides together, pin and sew, leaving the top fully open to turn though.  When the flags are sewn, trim the excess seem allowance near the point so that they turn though nice and flat.

IMG_1016   IMG_1018

Now turn through and iron the seems well.


Now you need to pin each flag onto bias binding.  You could make your own but I just used commercial ready made to save time.  You may need to trim the tops of the flags so that all raw edges are covered by the binding.  I used 2 rows of zigzag to ensure that all the edged caught under the binding.

IMG_1025   IMG_1026


And you’re done!

IMG_1038  IMG_1034









Kids Scrappy Pants

I have found a new favourite pattern, well to be precise a good (and very clever) friend got me onto it. Quick Change Trousers from Handmade Beginnigns, 24 Sewing Projects to Welcome Baby by Anna Maria Horner.

They are the best! They work perfectly every time, fit wonderfully and are just so cute. They are reversible which I love, two pairs in one 😉 and I do love the funky little yolk on the back in a different fabric, great for using up those scraps.

I have made two pairs already, a size 6 month for Josie

IMG_0570        IMG_0554


and size 24 month for Esther.

IMG_0492    IMG_0499


The patterns largest size is 24 month so the plan is now to attempt to enlarge the pattern to make some to fit a size 4 for Nelly. Luckily she is tall and skinny so she almost fits the 24 month size, adding a few cms to the waist and hips and a fair bit to the length should do it.

Perhaps a little boys pair of these might do for the next Facebook give away??

Stay tuned… 🙂

Scrappy Skirt

I love saving scraps. I pretty much keep any scrap of material that is bigger than a $5 note, maybe a 20c piece if it’s a real favourite ;-). At the moment these scraps are all piled into a large plastic storage tub, I seem to spend countless hours digging through it finding pieces that might be useful. It could really do with a big overhaul, hmmm perhaps Pinterest may help me?

I love using scraps even more than saving them. I love using them for several reasons. It means that I can make something now! I am terribly impatient and if I decide I want something done, I want it done now! NOT after I have had a chance to get to the shops. It also means I can avoid a trip out. I used to love spending hours perusing fabric shops. This was before children. Perusing isle upon isle of fabric bolts with with three children in tow is not really what you would call relaxing! It tends to turn into more of an incredibly stressful, rushed venture resulting in tears all round and a bag full of completely random useless fabric. Having a good stash of scraps also saves money, you know I like that 😉

Last night I decided that my girls needed some new ‘out’ clothes. We seem to have ‘home’ clothes coming out our ears. So I rummaged through the scraps tub and found some useful contenters.


Luckily these were useful sized scraps so I played around and decided I had enough for a skirt. A very simple elastic top A line skirt, nice and quick. Using some pajama shorts from the washing basket to get an idea for size I cut a basic pattern and had it sewn in no time and I love it! Bonus, I only had to unpick a couple of seams



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It may have taken me a week of 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there, and a few days of ‘I’m really not in the mood to sew’ but my girls christmas stockings are done!


I saw a picture of some beautifully quilted stockings in bright non traditional colours and loved them, bonus that I could use up some of my scrappy bits 🙂

Any quilters out there please don’t look to closely, actually just have a very quick glance and then look away! This is my first attempt at quilting and I have to say I really enjoyed it! I had avoided it in the past because I imagined it to be impossibly fiddly and time consuming. I was wrong. They were enjoyably fiddly and really not that time consuming at all. I experimented with the different styles, I love the spiral. I found a great tutorial for it here

and then used a similar method but without the paper for the other stockings (I am sure there is a name for this?).

image image image

I completely winged it with the quilting on the backing.

image image image

So I think I’m hooked and already busting to check out Pinterest for my next quilting project! Maybe something that can double as a Christmas pressie??   Stay tuned 🙂

I found a sewing room

I love our house. We have been here for four and a half years now and have done lots of renos to make it ours. It’s not big though, not by any stretch of the imagination and three children and three bedrooms means no sewing room for me, a first world problem yes. I had previously sewn in our bedroom as a room with a closing door is an absolute must as anyone who has ever encountered a toddler would understand. However after the major bedroom shuffle of the last few weeks we now have the smallest bedroom, to allow the two biggest girls some play space in their room, and therefore…no room for a sewing machine let alone an ironing board and all the mess I manage to create while sewing. Then I had a brainwave! Our laundry would surely fit a small table and ironing board. It’s a squish but it works, YAY!!!

Please excuse the mountainous piles of…very important sewing equipment and supplies 😉 I may be an organiser but once I decide I want something done that all goes out the window and it’s all in now or never. Christmas stockings for the girls was that something. The poor middle child didn’t have one last Christmas and I was never really happy with the one I made for our first baby, so new stockings it was. I can thank dear Erin at Once upon a Donkey for the #operationchristmasstocking inspiration.
And here they are, two down one to go.

Any quilters out their please don’t look too closely. This is my first attempt at quilting, I have to say I am quite liking it though. Now start thinking about which project I will attempt next, perhaps I should start by searching through my material collection!