6 of my Favourite Free Crochet Patterns

6 of my Favourite Free Crochet Patterns

Winter is fast upon us here in Tassie.  I must say I don’t really mind.  I used to love summer, but now with children it can just be rather inconvenient.  Also, cooler weather means I can get my crochet on!

I love free patterns, who doesn’t?  Here are some of my favourite.

This blanket is delightful and once you’ve done a few circles you won’t even need to look at the pattern.  I made 2 of these last winter for my sisters twins, she tells me that they get a lot of comments, mostly ‘Oh did a great Aunty Crochet those for you?’ Haha.

Deb's Crafts: Bouncy Ball Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

These booties are cute, quick and easy, maybe not 10 minutes quick as the URL suggests but all done in one evening kinda quick.  😀 This pattern makes a newborn size but I have adjusted the size just by making the sole longer and adjusting the rest of the stitch counts to suit.

free crochet patterns baby booties

I love this pattern.  In a single colour it is beautiful.  I am not to good on using different ply to change the sizing but I used some 8ply with a 4.5 (I think) hook and it made a perfect 6-12month size.

Ravelry: free baby vest pattern by Annelies Baes (Vicarno)

Now I must admit I am not really into the whole pumpkin theme 😂 but…this pattern is great!  Minus the stem and leaf!  This pattern makes quite a small beanie but if you measure from the centre top of the head down to about the ears, that is how wide you want to make the body of the beanie.  Does that make sense?  This beanie you make as one rectangular piece, seam that together into a cylinder and then join in together the top.

Crochet Baby Beanie-Free Pattern

How beautiful is this basket!  This pattern works really well and is super easy to adjust the sizing as you are making the base.

Free Crochet Basket Pattern

This chevron blanket pattern is easy to follow and I learnt a lot while making it.  I thought that crocheting a ripple would be difficult but it was suprisingly straight forward.  Once I had completed a few rows I did not have to follow the pattern, I could see where I need to increase and decrease for the highs and lows of the ripple.  You do need to register with Lion Brand Yarn to access the pattern but it’s all free and worth your while 😀

Love this color combo too!  Lion brand free crochet pattern. Thick and quick #wool

What’s on your crochet to do list this winter?


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