My First Sew Together Bag-the first of many

I recently stumbled upon the Sew Together Bag on Instagram , that was the end of me.  I had to make this thing!  There is just something about the multiple zips and pockets that speaks to my organised self, also it doesn’t help that I am a bag lady!! I can never have too many.


For those of you who are completely confused at this point, this is the Sew Together Bag, cool hey?


The pattern was designed by Michelle from Sew Demented (one clever lady right there!)  I bought the pattern on Craftsy for about $15, that was $15 well spent.  A lot of the time I get a bit ahead of myself and think that I can recreate something without a pattern…I would have failed dismally if I had tried that this time.  I do of course now have plans to use the general idea and style of the inner zip pockets to make a larger taller version of the bag, I might regret saying that!

I was pleasantly surprised when I began sewing.  This was not going to be nearly as difficult or complicated as it looked, big relief right there!  I found a fabulous step by step tutorial , by The Quilt Barn which made it even easier again, I think most of us find it much easier to follow photos rather than try to decipher written instructions 🙂

The first zip worked first time, I was so pleased as I couldn’t find my zipper foot so I had to use a normal foot.  (It has been many years since I have sewn anything with a zip.)

3 zips done.  I think the interfacing I used was a little too thick, it does give the bag a very sturdy shape which I like but it did make sewing through all the layers in the next steps a bit difficult, I broke !5! needles, my machine was not a happy camper!



All ready to bind…by hand…my least favourite part.  I am still nursing a needle stick injury on my thumb from the binding.


The Sew Together Bag was originally designed to carry sewing bits and pieces but I am thinking this might be a makeup or jewellery case for me.








It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It may have taken me a week of 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there, and a few days of ‘I’m really not in the mood to sew’ but my girls christmas stockings are done!


I saw a picture of some beautifully quilted stockings in bright non traditional colours and loved them, bonus that I could use up some of my scrappy bits 🙂

Any quilters out there please don’t look to closely, actually just have a very quick glance and then look away! This is my first attempt at quilting and I have to say I really enjoyed it! I had avoided it in the past because I imagined it to be impossibly fiddly and time consuming. I was wrong. They were enjoyably fiddly and really not that time consuming at all. I experimented with the different styles, I love the spiral. I found a great tutorial for it here

and then used a similar method but without the paper for the other stockings (I am sure there is a name for this?).

image image image

I completely winged it with the quilting on the backing.

image image image

So I think I’m hooked and already busting to check out Pinterest for my next quilting project! Maybe something that can double as a Christmas pressie??   Stay tuned 🙂