Now let’s be honest…

I was at playgroup with the girlies yesterday when I got talking to a lovely Mumma friend about various blogs and the perception of the ‘Super Mumma’.  She pointed out that you really need to keep it in perceptive and remember that the things that people write about in a blog, Facebook post or mention in passing are just a snippet of their day.  It is easy to make it look like you’ve got it all together when you are only sharing a few minutes out of many hundreds of minutes in a day or week.

Of course it is natural for us to want to share the wonderful things that we do, it make us feel good.  And there is nothing wrong with that at all as long as we all keep it in perspective.  My kids watch their fair share (and maybe the neighbours share also) of TV.  While I love cooking and crafting I rarely do it with the kids, I just can’t stand the mess, the same goes for Playdoh and painting and I have the attention span of a…well newborn, when playing with the kids.  But I am realistic and know that there are some great things that I do with the kids as well.

We are all normal and have good days, average days and then just plain old awful days that you just can’t wait to end!  Yesterday I had a great day, we were busy out and about, everyone was happy and one was in daycare for the afternoon which helped ;-).  Today is going pretty well so far but Sunday on the other hand (enter sigh here!!!) was TERRIBLE!  I was onto my 7th day without Daddy being here, I was distracted by my new found love of blogging so I was missing the girls cues so they were cranky, I was just over being a Mum.  Bet you didn’t know that when you were reading my blog or Facebook uploads?

So whether you are having a good day or a bad day, tomorrow will be different and that’s ok!  Just don’t over think it too much. Everyone has their own Super Mumma qualities, I don’t think it is possible to nail it completely.