Into the world of the Mummy Blogger

I have been playing with the idea of starting a blog in my head for some time now, until just very recently when a wave of ‘Oh just do it!’ came over me, so here we are. It has been bothering me for a while that the majority of my Facebook friends probably don’t care that my sewing machine needle just broken only 10 minutes into a project or that I have just organised the kids bookshelf alphabetically, then by colour…and then by size. However in the sometimes lonely existence as a stay at home Mum I do often feel the need to tell another adult these sorts of meaningless accomplishments. There is also the baby brain factor. I am coming up to my fourth year as a Stay at home Mum and I do feel that My brain may be on the verge of a sudden implosion if I do not start using my brain for something other than calculating hours since last nappy change or deciphering toddler garble. So, please follow along with me while I create, save and try to stay sane as a Mumma of three littlies. IMG_0193.JPG