I had a plan…and then I got sucked in.

So I think I have cracked it. I am an organiser. I am not organised, I am an organisER. I write lists upon lists, sometimes I stick to them. I meal plan only to feel like something completely different on the day. As I sit here and write I am printing out a planner for next year in a bid to help me get on top of birthdays and other gifts so that I can avoid the last minute, ‘arrrr I need a present for tomorrow!!’ We shall see how long it will last into the new year.

So keeping with this theme, I have been furiously writing lists for Christmas for some time now. Gifts, shops, websites, meals, recipes, to do lists for each day and of course, the shopping list.

Yesterday I had a great plan. After the children went to bed I would go to the supermarket and do ‘the big shop’ and I would be set. My husband got home from work early, great I thought, I can finally get something done. All I had done all day was follow the toddler around with a sponge washing artwork off walls and starting (not finishing!) each thing on my Monday list. It was 4.25 and he suggests that why don’t I go to the supermarket now and then I could relax In the evening. Yes. Great idea. So I rushed out the door, list and bags in hand with ‘just be quick’ (50 minutes until tea time!) ringing in the back of my head. Ha!

So I am happily filling my trolley, quite enjoying the fact that no children were talking to me, crossing things of my list. Then I check the time, ok stress levels increasing now. Our usually peaceful country Supermarket was brimming with crazed shoppers and over flowing trolleys because all of a sudden, the Supermarket is going to be closed for one whole day and no one has any food in the house that they could possibly eat on Christmas Day. I am one of them of course…and you have seen my freezer…we have plenty of food in the house! Yep stress levels on the rise.

By the time I reaching the baking isle my calm stroll around the supermarket has morphed into a mad Christmas rush. I get to the check out with 10 minutes to spare, great! And then I realise that it is the day BEFORE payday. Yep, really organised! Stress levels rapidly increasing. So I know we have plenty of money, the only problem is that is it divided between three accounts, (I am not quite sure why) and I don’t have a clue how much is in each account. Thank goodness the same thing happened to the lady in front of me so I didn’t feel quite so embarrassed when third time lucky my card was not declined.

So never again do I rush out the door three days before Christmas to go to the Supermarket 50 minutes before tea time. Sure we all want nice food for Christmas, but all I really needed was a few extra veggies and some chocolate bars to mix into cheesecakes. Why did I do it? I got sucked in! So if you feel the need to do ‘the big shop’ today or tomorrow, can I suggest very very early in the morning or very very late at night. Probably steer clear of the 5pm rush πŸ˜‰