Boobie Balls

If you are breast feeding and wanting to increase your milk supply then this is the recipe for you 😊. There are many recipes for Boobie Biscuits out there but I wanted the benefits of increased milk supply without having to eat too many biscuits, leading to an increased body, if you get my drift.

These balls do actually work in increasing milk production, I know, I’ve tried them. It’s the brewers yeast that is the key ingredient in aiding milk production, do not substitute this for any other kind of yeast, the flaxseed meal is also important.

100g almond meal

100g dates finely chopped

10g coconut oil

30g oats

10g honey

3tsp brewers yeast

3tsp flaxseed meal

30g milk powder

1Tb boiling water

coconut and or extra almond meal to roll balls in

1.Mix all ingredients except water in a food processor until well combined.

2.Add water slowly while food processor is on.

3.Form into balls and coat in extra coconut, almond meal or leave plain.

You can adjust the amount of Brewers yeast in this recipe. The more you use the more your milk supply will be affected. It does have quite a strong taste though, think…Vegimite! In this recipe you can’t taste it and I don’t mind a little more, make one batch and see what you think before tampering 😜


I had a plan…and then I got sucked in.

So I think I have cracked it. I am an organiser. I am not organised, I am an organisER. I write lists upon lists, sometimes I stick to them. I meal plan only to feel like something completely different on the day. As I sit here and write I am printing out a planner for next year in a bid to help me get on top of birthdays and other gifts so that I can avoid the last minute, ‘arrrr I need a present for tomorrow!!’ We shall see how long it will last into the new year.

So keeping with this theme, I have been furiously writing lists for Christmas for some time now. Gifts, shops, websites, meals, recipes, to do lists for each day and of course, the shopping list.

Yesterday I had a great plan. After the children went to bed I would go to the supermarket and do ‘the big shop’ and I would be set. My husband got home from work early, great I thought, I can finally get something done. All I had done all day was follow the toddler around with a sponge washing artwork off walls and starting (not finishing!) each thing on my Monday list. It was 4.25 and he suggests that why don’t I go to the supermarket now and then I could relax In the evening. Yes. Great idea. So I rushed out the door, list and bags in hand with ‘just be quick’ (50 minutes until tea time!) ringing in the back of my head. Ha!

So I am happily filling my trolley, quite enjoying the fact that no children were talking to me, crossing things of my list. Then I check the time, ok stress levels increasing now. Our usually peaceful country Supermarket was brimming with crazed shoppers and over flowing trolleys because all of a sudden, the Supermarket is going to be closed for one whole day and no one has any food in the house that they could possibly eat on Christmas Day. I am one of them of course…and you have seen my freezer…we have plenty of food in the house! Yep stress levels on the rise.

By the time I reaching the baking isle my calm stroll around the supermarket has morphed into a mad Christmas rush. I get to the check out with 10 minutes to spare, great! And then I realise that it is the day BEFORE payday. Yep, really organised! Stress levels rapidly increasing. So I know we have plenty of money, the only problem is that is it divided between three accounts, (I am not quite sure why) and I don’t have a clue how much is in each account. Thank goodness the same thing happened to the lady in front of me so I didn’t feel quite so embarrassed when third time lucky my card was not declined.

So never again do I rush out the door three days before Christmas to go to the Supermarket 50 minutes before tea time. Sure we all want nice food for Christmas, but all I really needed was a few extra veggies and some chocolate bars to mix into cheesecakes. Why did I do it? I got sucked in! So if you feel the need to do ‘the big shop’ today or tomorrow, can I suggest very very early in the morning or very very late at night. Probably steer clear of the 5pm rush 😉

I found a sewing room

I love our house. We have been here for four and a half years now and have done lots of renos to make it ours. It’s not big though, not by any stretch of the imagination and three children and three bedrooms means no sewing room for me, a first world problem yes. I had previously sewn in our bedroom as a room with a closing door is an absolute must as anyone who has ever encountered a toddler would understand. However after the major bedroom shuffle of the last few weeks we now have the smallest bedroom, to allow the two biggest girls some play space in their room, and therefore…no room for a sewing machine let alone an ironing board and all the mess I manage to create while sewing. Then I had a brainwave! Our laundry would surely fit a small table and ironing board. It’s a squish but it works, YAY!!!

Please excuse the mountainous piles of…very important sewing equipment and supplies 😉 I may be an organiser but once I decide I want something done that all goes out the window and it’s all in now or never. Christmas stockings for the girls was that something. The poor middle child didn’t have one last Christmas and I was never really happy with the one I made for our first baby, so new stockings it was. I can thank dear Erin at Once upon a Donkey for the #operationchristmasstocking inspiration.
And here they are, two down one to go.

Any quilters out their please don’t look too closely. This is my first attempt at quilting, I have to say I am quite liking it though. Now start thinking about which project I will attempt next, perhaps I should start by searching through my material collection!