Personalised Bunting Tutorial

A friend recently asked me to make a personalised bunting for her little sons nursery. Once upon a time I sold these at various local markets, she had bought one then for her daughter. I enjoyed making it, a bit of a flash back to the past 😉 and the perfect opportunity I thought, to share the process with you.

First you want to make a template.  I wanted my finished bunting to be 20cm high by 17cm wide so I drew the triangle at the finished size and then added 1cm all around for seam allowance.


Next cut out your pieces.  You want two pieces for each flag.  Don’t be lazy like me, iron your fabric before you cut out, it makes the cutting soooo much easier 😉

IMG_1002   IMG_1003

You also want to cut the fabric for the letters.  I find cutting all the pieces the same size and then cutting the letters from the rectangles helps keep the letters all the same size.  When you have your letter pieces cut out you want to draw and cut out the letters.  For symmetrical letters fold the fabric in half so that you are cutting both sides of the letter at the same time.

IMG_1005   IMG_1006

Now you need to iron double sided interfacing onto the backs of the letters.  You can cut out the interfacing for each letter but I just lay the letters on and then place a piece of scrap fabric over the top to pick up the glue that isn’t needed.  Iron and allow to cool as per the interfacing instructions and the peel the letters away.

IMG_1008  IMG_1009 IMG_1011

Position the letters on the flags and iron them into place.

IMG_1013   IMG_1012


Now using a very close zigzag, sew around each of the letters, or you could hand stitch if you have more patience than me.

IMG_1014   IMG_1015

Now place the fronts and backs of the flags, right sides together, pin and sew, leaving the top fully open to turn though.  When the flags are sewn, trim the excess seem allowance near the point so that they turn though nice and flat.

IMG_1016   IMG_1018

Now turn through and iron the seems well.


Now you need to pin each flag onto bias binding.  You could make your own but I just used commercial ready made to save time.  You may need to trim the tops of the flags so that all raw edges are covered by the binding.  I used 2 rows of zigzag to ensure that all the edged caught under the binding.

IMG_1025   IMG_1026


And you’re done!

IMG_1038  IMG_1034










I love to hear your thoughts, comments and questions.

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