The depths of my freezer…

If you read my freezer post

you might remember that I mentioned that the top drawer was a treasure trove of random food items which could justify a post all to itself.  After all the Christmas festivities it was looking rather worse for wear and in need of a quick clean out (quick because I hate this job, too cold!!).  This may as we’ll be a chance for me to share with you just exactly what lives in this drawer.

The before shot


Have I mentioned that I love ziplock bags?? 😉


Peas and Corn (normally also beans, I’ll put that on the shopping list now).  I always put these into ziplock bags, I find it makes them much easier to deal with, especially when you are holding a baby and only have one hand free.

Ginger, peeled and cut into 1cm chunks

Spinach, cooked, drained and chopped

Dried Tomatoes (my Mum dries these in their thousands). These are plain, I use them straight from the freezer in cooking or add some olive oil and herbs to store in the fridge.

Cooked beetroot cut into chunks.  Last year we had tones of beetroot from the garden.  So much I didn’t know what to do with it so this is what I resorted to.  I have used it to make dips although it did seem a little watery on defrosting, I should probably chuck the rest since it’s now 12months old…



Berry Sorbet frozen into cubes

Lemon Juice, (a glut of lemons from a friends tree)

A random banana that someone obviously decided they wanted to peal and not eat :-/

The juice from tinned peaches.  We don’t often have tinned fruit but when we do I couldn’t possibly throw this sweet stuff out.  It’s delicious wizzed up with some fresh fruit to make Sorbet.

Meat (cooked)


This is as random as it gets!

One Chop

One Rissole

Cooked Mince (suffering from a little freezer burn)

Shredded Chicken, I always try and have this in the freezer, it’s great to put in rolls for Daddy’s lunch.

Other random bits


Thermomix Veggie Stock Concentrate.  Due to the high salt content this doesn’t freeze hard but the low temperature still preserves it.  I keep half the batch in the freezer and the rest in the fridge to use first.  You could store it in the freezer and use it straight from the jar.

Blobs of Truffle Paste

Blobs of Tomato Paste

Blobs of Pesto

half a packet of Suet

Bread Crumbs

Crumble Topping, yum!

That’s it, just a quick clean out, perhaps I should do the whole freezer one drawer at a time, it wasn’t such a horrid task after all…and now it looks slightly more organised…I think 🙂



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