Scrappy Skirt

I love saving scraps. I pretty much keep any scrap of material that is bigger than a $5 note, maybe a 20c piece if it’s a real favourite ;-). At the moment these scraps are all piled into a large plastic storage tub, I seem to spend countless hours digging through it finding pieces that might be useful. It could really do with a big overhaul, hmmm perhaps Pinterest may help me?

I love using scraps even more than saving them. I love using them for several reasons. It means that I can make something now! I am terribly impatient and if I decide I want something done, I want it done now! NOT after I have had a chance to get to the shops. It also means I can avoid a trip out. I used to love spending hours perusing fabric shops. This was before children. Perusing isle upon isle of fabric bolts with with three children in tow is not really what you would call relaxing! It tends to turn into more of an incredibly stressful, rushed venture resulting in tears all round and a bag full of completely random useless fabric. Having a good stash of scraps also saves money, you know I like that πŸ˜‰

Last night I decided that my girls needed some new ‘out’ clothes. We seem to have ‘home’ clothes coming out our ears. So I rummaged through the scraps tub and found some useful contenters.


Luckily these were useful sized scraps so I played around and decided I had enough for a skirt. A very simple elastic top A line skirt, nice and quick. Using some pajama shorts from the washing basket to get an idea for size I cut a basic pattern and had it sewn in no time and I love it! Bonus, I only had to unpick a couple of seams




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